The Order of First Families of Connecticut


On a warm summer day in July 2004, Charles Owen Johnson and James Kevin Raywalt, each a descendant of an individual who settled within the bounds of present-day Connecticut prior to the grant of the Royal Charter of 1662, met to establish The Order of First Families of Connecticut (1633-1662).

Mr. Johnson was appointed Governor General and Mr. Raywalt was appointed Genealogist General, each of them approving the other’s application.  Upon approval of both applications, bylaws were adopted.  Soon afterward, additional officers of the Order were appointed by the Governor General.  The first Council and general membership meeting was held at Mystic, Connecticut on Sunday, October 3, 2004.

The objectives of the Order are:

  1. to identify and honor the memory of ancestors who were First Families of Connecticut (1633-1662), as defined in Article III, Section 1 of the Order’s Bylaws;
  2. to associate the living descendants of these First Families of Connecticut (1633-1662); bringing them into close association through activities revolving around matters of common genealogical and historical interest;
  3. to collect and preserve records, documents and relics pertaining to the genealogy and history of the First Families of Connecticut (1633-1662);
  4. to produce and distribute publications of all kinds relating to the genealogy and history of the First Families of Connecticut (1633-1662), and
  5. to do everything and anything reasonably and lawfully necessary, proper, suitable or convenient for the achievement and furtherance of these purposes.


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